3 Reasons Why You Need a Motherhood Photography Session

Apr 23, 2023 | Maternity Photography

Last week I spent a wonderful morning with Alice and her baby daughter Gigi during a lovely motherhood photography session. Motherhood is a journey filled with countless magical moments. As mothers, we often find ourselves behind the camera, capturing our children’s milestones and joyous memories. But, as a mother to two young children myself, I know how easy it is to be absent from those images.

I am deeply passionate about changing the narrative that mothers are usually the ones taking most photos, and firmly believe that they deserve to be in the spotlight, gracing the frame with their little ones to create cherished memories together. I love motherhood photography as it not only captures the bond between mother and child but also serves as a visual reminder of the love and dedication that goes into raising a family.

Today’s blog dives into 3 reasons why you need a motherhood photography session.

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 her baby during motherhood photography in marylebone london

What is motherhood photography?

Motherhood photography is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing the unique and intimate bond between a mother and her child(ren). It encompasses a wide range of photographic styles, including maternity, newborn, family, and milestone sessions. To me, the most important thing is that you need photos of your family that include you! Therefore, my aim in documenting motherhood through timeless and natural photography is to preserve some of those special moments between you and your children. I want to capture the emotions and connections that define your own personal journey of motherhood – with you in the frame.

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Why is motherhood photography important? 3 Reasons to get into the photo.

1. Your children will want photos of you

One of the reasons I have always loved photography is that I grew up with it. My dad always used to take countless photos of us as a family (and still does!). We have tons of albums, frames and countless boxes at home that document our family from the day I was born. I simply love looking back at these and they are some of my most prized possessions. Now that I have children of my own, I look at these family photos with different eyes.

As your children grow older and begin their own families, these images will serve as a testament to the love and guidance you as their mother provided throughout their lives, and they will be grateful to have these memories recorded. If you are hesitant about having your photo taken, do it for them. They will want photos of themselves with their parents in them.

2. Celebrate the bond between you and your little one

The connection between a mother and her child is unlike any other. Motherhood photography captures the essence of this special bond, with each photo telling a unique story of love, nurturing, and growth. You are so important! Photos will tell your family’s story and show the love you have for your children.

And don’t worry about needing to look perfect, there is so much beauty in the little everyday moments. Motherhood comes with its share of sleepless nights, messy hair, and days where we feel we’re barely keeping it together. However, these moments are as much a part of the motherhood journey as the picture-perfect ones. Embrace those candid images that capture what life was like those days.

3. Prioritise yourself

As mothers, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of family life and forget to take care of ourselves. By including ourselves in photographs with our children, we remind ourselves of our value and the incredible impact we have on our families. Including ourselves in pictures is a way of honouring our contributions and nurturing a healthy sense of self-worth, as we continue on our motherhood journey.

And a final point – get those photos printed!

Ready to book your own motherhood photography session? I would love to chat further to capture some memories together.

About me

I am a London motherhood photographer specialising in timeless and natural maternity, newborn and baby photography in and around Central and West London. Do get in touch even if you live outside these areas and we can arrange something. If you’d like to capture your motherhood journey through photography, please don’t hesitate to contact me here. Not quite ready to book? Follow me on Instagram and let’s stay in touch.

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  1. Andrea Hubert

    Hi Lisa, eager to get together to finally capture my 6 month old in pictures! We live in Kensington.



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