5 Must-Listen Parenthood Podcasts: Recommendations from a Family Photographer and Mum

May 22, 2023 | Family Photography, Newborn Photography

Too busy to sit down and read a book? Try parenthood podcasts!

Are you a new parent navigating the challenging, yet rewarding, waters of parenthood? Or perhaps you are preparing to welcome a new addition to your family? As a professional family photographer and mum of an active toddler and small baby myself, I understand the bliss, the chaos, and everything in between.

To help us on this extraordinary journey, I’ve rounded up the top five parenthood podcasts that offer a blend of wisdom, laughter, support, and solace for every kind of parent out there.

I love listening to these on the way to nursery drop off or driving to shoots and I hope you will love these parenthood podcasts as much as I do.

My Top 5 Parenthood Podcasts

1. Unruffled

As a parent, maintaining your composure during a toddler’s meltdown can be tough. Enter Janet Lansbury’s parenting podcast “Unruffled.” Lansbury is an expert in the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) approach, promoting respect and understanding for a child’s perspective. Each episode provides practical, compassionate advice for dealing with common parenting issues. From handling your child’s refusal to brush their teeth to managing sibling fights, ‘Unruffled’ helps parents navigate through the everyday struggles with grace and understanding. I’ve listened to this parenthood podcast a few times actually (doesn’t mean I’m able to implement everything by the book…), and it is a lifeline for those moments when keeping calm seems impossible.

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2. The Parenthood Podcast

Marina Fogle, mother and co-founder of The Bump Class (also check out this post on antenatal classes), hosts this brilliant and insightful podcast, aptly named ‘The Parenthood Podcast.’ With each episode, Fogle opens up discussions with a variety of experts and parents on a range of topics — from navigating early stages of pregnancy to tackling the teenage years. Her approachable and empathetic interviewing style makes each topic engaging and accessible. Whether you’re a first-time parent seeking guidance or a seasoned one looking for reassurance, The Parenthood Podcast offers a wealth of knowledge, comfort, and camaraderie. The genuine, heartfelt conversations foster a sense of community, reminding us that in the highs and lows of parenting, we are never alone.

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3. Happy Mum, Happy Baby

This widely popular parenting podcast is hosted by Giovanna Fletcher, a bestselling author and mother of three. ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ (there’s a book of the same title) is a candid series where Fletcher invites a variety of guests, including fellow parents, celebrities, and experts, to discuss the ups, downs, and hilarious moments of parenthood. Her interviews are refreshingly open and honest, resulting in relatable content for every parent navigating the wonderful chaos of family life. From discussions about body image post-childbirth to coping with mum guilt, this podcast covers it all, proving to be a source of laughter, tears, and comfort for parents looking for easy listening parenting podcasts.

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4. The Longest Shortest Time

The title alone really resonated with me, even though this parenting podcast a few years old. I think every parent must be feeling this paradoxical passage of time. Hosted by author Hillary Frank, it dives into the genuine trials and triumphs of parenting. Each episode is like a heartfelt conversation with a friend who understands your midnight feedings and tantrum-filled afternoons. The Longest Shortest Time blends personal narratives with expert advice, covering topics from dealing with toddler aggression to maintaining your identity as a parent. It is both enlightening and entertaining, offering a beautiful reminder that no parent is alone in their experiences.

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5. Crib Notes – Things Parents Google at 3am

Again, what’s not to love about the title of this parenting podcast! I’ve definitely asked Dr Google at all times of day what that red pimple on my son’s nose might actually be (turns out it’s just a red pimple ;-)). “Crib Notes” has got you covered, and rightfully calls itself the medical podcast for parents. Each parenting podcast episode is filled with expert advice, practical solutions, and a hearty dose of reassurance that you’re not the only one trying to figure this out. This is the ideal podcast for parents seeking a late-night companion that’s informative, understanding, and engaging. It’s like having a knowledgeable, non-judgmental friend to turn to when those peculiar parenting questions arise.

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Rounding up the top 5 parenthood podcasts

Podcasts are an excellent resource for parents seeking advice, support, or just a good laugh. Whether you’re up during a late-night feeding or simply enjoying a moment of calm during naptime (or on the way back from the nursery run like me), these podcasts provide a friendly, relatable voice, reminding us of the shared joys and challenges in the journey of parenthood. Do you have any other favourite parenting podcasts you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always on the hunt for a good parenthood podcast.

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