London Newborn Photoshoots: should I get Newborn Photos or wait a few months?

Apr 14, 2023 | Newborn Photography

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get from mothers as a London newborn and baby photographer. In the busy last few weeks of your pregnancy, as well as the hazy early days of life with a newborn baby, scheduling a newborn photoshoot might not be the first thing on your mind.

In this article, I’d like to share some insights into professional newborn photography to help you decide what timing suits you and your family best to capture precious images of your tiny little love. I’ll explain also why it’s best to schedule your newborn session in advance, and the best time to get in touch to book your newborn portraits.

First, let’s look at when you might like to reach out to me…

When should you schedule newborn or baby pictures?

If you can, my recommendation would be to book in your newborn photoshoot before your baby arrives, in order to ensure I have availability around your due date. I only work with a limited number of families per month in order to give you the most personalised experience possible.

You are welcome to book your newborn photoshoot any time after you have had your 12 week scan, although most mothers opt to reach out towards the end of their second trimester or at the beginning of their third trimester. When you book, we won’t schedule in a fixed date, but I will hold a week in my diary so we can be flexible nearer the time. I will simply take a note of your expected due date (or scheduled c-section date) and we will chat when your baby has arrived.

Is 4 weeks too late to schedule newborn photos? My baby is already here!

Absolutely not. Some mothers actually contact me when their baby has already arrived and are a couple of weeks old. As a mother myself, I completely understand that the first few weeks and months are incredibly busy so please don’t worry if you haven’t got around to booking in your newborn photoshoot.

You can simply contact me and we can find a date that suits your family. I will revert to you within 24 hours of receiving your message.

When is the best time for newborn photos? Or should I wait a few months?

My short answer to this most frequently asked question is: any time is wonderful! There is no pressure to take photos early on, it simply depends what suits your family most.

Because I specialise in natural newborn photography, there is no need for your baby to be asleep during our session. I will not pose them or use any props, but rather focus on those special moments when they’re snuggled into your arms or comfortably placed on your bed. Usually my newborn photoshoot sessions are a mix of sleepy photos and some more awake ones.

As a quick overview, here are some thoughts on taking images within the first month, vs. older newborn photography.

Getting photos done early on is incredibly special (and definitely a personal favourite :)). These photos capture the tiny details of your baby, from their little fingers and toes to their wrinkly skin – this changes after 4 to 6 weeks and your baby won’t have the typical “newborn” look anymore.

You can also incorporate the photos in your birth announcements: if you’re planning on sending out birth announcements, a beautiful newborn photo is the perfect addition. It will help you share the joy of your new arrival with your friends and family.

On the other hand, you might like to wait a little bit longer for different reasons – maybe scheduling has simply become a bit easier for your family. If you decide to wait a few months to take photos, your baby will be more alert and have developed some of their own unique personality.

Around 3 to 4 months, we will be able to capture their smiles, giggles, and other unique characteristics that make them who they are.

Waiting a few months to take photos also gives you more flexibility in terms of scheduling. For example, you might like to wait for slightly warmer weather so we can capture some images outside as well as in your home.

There are plenty of lovely opportunities in the entire first year and each time is just a bit different to the next. I promise that whatever timing you choose, we will create beautiful memories together! I also wrote another blog that breaks down timing during the whole first year to help you establish for your family when the best time for baby photography is.

What else do I need to know about newborn & baby photography?

As these will become heirloom images, I also offer bespoke support to create family albums, frames and prints. I will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for. The printers I work with produce everything lovingly and products are handmade here in the UK. For example, you might like a coffee table album for yourself, as well as smaller versions for the grandparents or other family.

Regarding some of the logistics of our newborn photography sessions: my sessions are timed around you and baby’s schedule. I don’t have a fixed time limit for a newborn photoshoot nor baby photos, so we can accommodate any breaks as needed. On average I spend around 90 minutes with your family but will always ensure the session length works for your family!

Once I’ve confirmed my availability, I’ll share a contract and invoice for the creative fee which acts as a deposit for your session. You can simply sign the contract and settle payment online. I will always be on hand for any questions between then and your session and offer lots of information. I love supporting with outfit choices for your baby and the rest of your little family. Take a look at this blog post on what to wear for an in-home newborn photoshoot or this post on how to prepare.

In conclusion…

Whether you book a newborn photoshoot in the first week or two of your little love’s life, or a few months later completely depends what suits you most as a family. Any time is special!

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