What to Wear for Maternity Photos | 5 Great Tips

Apr 25, 2023 | Maternity Photography

Congratulations on your pregnancy, what an exciting and incredible time! Maybe you have already booked in your maternity photoshoot and are now starting to research some ideas, including what to wear for maternity photos.

It’s wonderful to plan some professional photographs to capture your motherhood journey and show off your beautiful bump, so it’s useful to think about what to wear to create timeless and personal images a few weeks in advance of your shoot. In this blog post, I’ll share five tips on what to wear for maternity photos and what else to consider for your photoshoot.

1. When should you take maternity pictures?

First, what is actually the best time for pregnancy photography? I recommend scheduling your session for when you’re between 32-36 weeks as your bump will be lovely and round, and you still feel comfortable. That’s not to say we can’t take photos earlier or later on, it simply depends on your preferences and how you feel. My session style is very relaxed and we will work at your pace. Still a little hesitant about maternity photos? Have a look at this blog post for 5 great reasons for having maternity photos taken.

2. What is the best colour to wear for maternity pictures?

As with any type of photoshoot and also when considering what to wear for maternity photos, I always recommend keeping your colour palette simple. I would suggest choosing some neutral tones, like varying shades of ivory, cream, beige and grey, or complementary colours. Also, avoid any large patterns, logos or particularly bright colours. We’d like to ensure that the focus is on your bump and busy patterns or bold colour choices can easily take away from this.

Many mothers to be ask me if they should wear black for maternity photos. I think this depends on the type of images you would like to take. For example, we can create beautiful silhouette photos of you near a window wearing a black outfit, but otherwise I would stick with much lighter colours as black might actually make your bump look smaller.

When planning what to wear for maternity photos, I also often recommend picking something with a little texture to it, such a knit dress or chunky cardigan to accessorise. Texture always adds an interesting element to photos without being too distracting.

3. How many outfits for maternity photos?

We can chat about outfit options to wear for maternity photos during your complimentary pre-shoot consultation. If you’re happy to change, and especially if we take your maternity photos in your home, you can easily pick two to three different outfits. For example, a slightly tighter fitting dress to show off your bump, then something casual like blue jeans and a simple top, and – if you like – something to reveal your bump, such as an oversized white shirt that you open up.

You could also choose a flowy dress which will be very pretty in the summer, whilst a chunky dress with texture will work well during the cooler months. If there are any accessories or sentimental items you would like to include, don’t hesitate to bring these.

Generally, the following outfits are always great when considering what to wear for maternity photos:

  • A tighter fitting dress to show off the shape of your beautiful bump, e.g. a knit dress with a bit of texture to it
  • Dresses which are more fitted around the chest and flowy towards the bottom (empire line) are particularly flattering for your bump
  • Blue jeans with an oversized white shirt and simple lingerie underneath. You can simply wear your pre-pregnancy jeans, or “boyfriend fit” jeans but leave them unbuttoned at the top. We can place your hands on the buttons to cover the opening.
  • A chunky cardigan worn over any outfit, or a longer, oversized cardigan only worn over lingerie to show off your bump
  • Accessories to complement your outfit, such as some slightly more chunky jewellery

4. What should partners & older children wear for maternity photos?

Always start with your outfit first and then plan your partner’s around yours. When considering what to wear for maternity photos, dads can opt for a simple white or light blue collared shirt, or a simple jumper with chinos or potentially blue jeans (depending on what you choose). We don’t want both of you to match so just coordinate your outfits rather than wearing exactly the same colours.

Also ensure that you dress in a similar style, e.g. if your dress is very elegant, your partner’s look shouldn’t be too casual and vice versa.

For older children, go with a similar colour scheme as well, i.e. neutral tones, no logos or very bold patterns. Have a look at this blog post which goes into more detail on what to wear for family photoshoots.

what to wear for maternity photos

5. Where to buy maternity clothes?

There are many lovely options on where to shop for maternity outfits, if you don’t already have some of your favourite pieces at home. There are specialist brands as well as high street shops with maternity lines. Take a look at the below and don’t hesitate to share anything with me if you’d like to chat through options.

What to wear for maternity photos – last but not least…

Don’t fret too much about what to wear for maternity photos. I will be on hand to help you pick and decide on outfits. More importantly, just have fun during your photo session! Don’t stress about getting the perfect shot (I will offer you plenty of images!) – the most meaningful photos are often the ones that capture genuine moments of joy and connection. So enjoy the experience, and let me guide you through the process.

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I am a London maternity photographer specialising in timeless and natural maternity photos. In addition to maternity photos, I also provide newborn and family photography in and around West & Central London. Do get in touch even if you live outside these areas and we can arrange something. If you’d like to capture your motherhood journey through photography, please don’t hesitate to contact me here. Not quite ready to book? Follow me on Instagram and let’s stay in touch.




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