What to Wear for Newborn Photos: 3 Practical Tips

May 1, 2023 | Newborn Photography

Congratulations on your new arrival! One of the most precious and memorable moments of your baby’s life is their newborn stage, and I love providing newborn photography.

I am always asked what to wear for newborn photos and I’m just a call or email away to support you in selecting what you might like to wear for your portrait session with me. I am more than happy to help you make any clothing selections (for you, your partner and of course your little one!) – just send me a WhatsApp with what you have in mind and we can decide together!

Here are my top tips on what to wear for newborn photos:

mother and baby showing what to wear for newborn photos

What to wear for newborn photos #1: Mum should pick her outfit first

As with any session, it’s important to feel like yourself for your newborn photoshoot, and not feel like you’re dressing in a way you usually wouldn’t. As a mum myself, I know that dressing up after giving birth a few days, weeks or even months ago is not the first thing on your mind and might feel odd – so let’s work together to ensure you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful!!

I recommend light colours, loose styles, and no big patterns as they can be distracting from the images. Think a flowy dress (neutral colour or small floral pattern) for summer shoots or a lovely chunky knit for the colder season. Or maybe you feel more comfy in a coordinated top & bottoms. If you don’t want to wear a dress, a simple pair of blue jeans and an elegant white shirt always look beautiful and timeless.

Outfits in solid colours or small prints work best; avoid any bold prints, logos or writing.

Also, consider the neckline of your outfit, as you may want to breastfeed during the session. A V-neck or button-up shirt is a good option for this.

You are also more than welcome to have an outfit change during our session which is a lovely way to add variety to your images.

What to wear for newborn photos #2: Keep it simple for the baby

Once you’ve chosen what you’ll wear yourself for our newborn photoshoot, your family can coordinate accordingly. Newborns look adorable in just about anything, but it’s essential to keep them comfortable during the session. You might like to alternate 2-3 different options, e.g. swaddled, or just in a little diaper & a bloomer on top, or a full outfit. Either way, think simplicity as it will be much easier on you and your little one.

What to wear for newborn photos #3: Choose a complementary outfit for your partner

Similar to yourself, I recommend a simple, neutral coloured outfit for your partner. A pair of light chinos and a crisp white or light blue button up shirt (and potentially a jumper) will be perfect, or we can keep it more casual in a t-shirt, depending on what you have chosen for yourself.

Here are some additional tips on what to wear for newborn photos:

  • Coordinate but don’t match: It’s important to coordinate your outfits, but avoid matching completely. You want each person to have their unique style that complements the overall look.
  • Remove any watches that are not special (thinking Apple watches…) or anything else from your wrists which is not jewellery such as hairbands
  • Have 2 outfits reach for baby, just in case there is a little accident with one!
  • There’s no need to consider your shoes – going barefoot is perfect for in-home sessions

In conclusion, a newborn photoshoot is a wonderful way to capture precious memories of your baby’s early days. By following these tips on what to wear for newborn photos, you can ensure that everyone looks great in the photos while being comfortable and relaxed. The most important thing is to enjoy the moment with your loved ones and cherish these memories for a lifetime with the beautiful images we will create together.

Also take a look at this post with some more general tips on what to wear for your family photoshoot.

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