Maternity Clothes in London: 5 of the Best Places to Shop

May 14, 2023 | Maternity Photography

We are fortunate that there are plenty of amazing options when it comes to where to buy maternity clothes in London. There are many elegant and stylish options to dress your bump, and I’ll be rounding up a few of my favourites in today’s blog post. You may also wish to head over to some of my past maternity shoots if you are researching what to wear for maternity photos.

Did you know that maternity fashion started in the Middle Ages? According to Wikipedia “the evolution of maternity clothing began during the Middle Ages, and became fashionable as women became more selective about style and comfort in the types of maternity clothing they wore”. I won’t go into the history of this, but I thought it was fascinating to know before exploring where we stand today with maternity clothes in London!

Before I share some of my favourite maternity shops in London, let’s look at some other practical considerations.

How many weeks pregnant should you buy maternity clothes in London?

Most mothers to be start needing maternity clothes around 20 weeks or the second trimester according to this article on the Mummy Bubble. It can vary greatly for each woman and is dependent on many things like body type, personal comfort, and how your pregnancy is progressing, but by the second trimester, most women start to show more noticeably and this is when pre-pregnancy clothes start to become more uncomfortable. The NHS confirms that many women gain most of their pregnancy weight after week 20.

Is 12 weeks too early for maternity clothes?

It’s perfectly fine to start wearing maternity clothes early if you find them more comfortable, or to keep wearing your regular clothes as long as they fit and feel good. Also, your maternity wardrobe doesn’t need to be all or nothing: you can mix and match your pre-pregnancy clothes with maternity items. For example, oversized tops and jumpers will often fit for a lot longer and you can simply wear them with a nice pair of pregnancy jeans.

Whenever you need to feel more comfortable in your day to day life, just make the switch, so for you this might be at 12 weeks or it might be at 20.

What size maternity clothes should I buy?

Do you buy your size in maternity, is a very frequent question. For most brands, maternity clothes sizing is made to be bought in your existing pre-pregnancy sizing. This means if you were a size 12 before expecting, you will also be a size 12 in most maternity brands’ clothing. This may change a little as your pregnancy progresses, but it’s safe to start with this approach as you head out to London’s maternity clothing shops.

Where to buy maternity clothes in London – 5 great shops

There are many lovely options on where to shop for maternity outfits. There are specialist brands as well as high street shops with maternity lines. Take a look at the below and enjoy a little shopping trip to start dressing your bump in some beautiful maternity clothes!

Seraphine Maternity

Seraphine is a well known British maternity brand with a flagship store on High Street Kensington, offering a huge selection of maternity clothes in London. Founded in 2002 by Cecile Reinaud, the brand has garnered significant attention for its stylish and comfortable designs that cater to women throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Seraphine’s designs have been worn by various celebrities even which has established its reputation among the best maternity clothing shops in London.

The brand offers a diverse range of products, including dresses, jeans, nursing clothes, babywear, and more, all tailored to flatter the changing female body. Seraphine places a strong emphasis on quality, using soft, stretchy, and breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort. They also focus on style versatility, creating pieces that can be worn in multiple ways or at different stages of motherhood. This commitment to style, comfort, and quality has helped Seraphine become a trusted name in maternity wear. Definitely check them out if you are looking for maternity clothes in London.

Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver is a trusted maternity wear brand that has been serving expecting mothers since its inception in 2003. Founded by husband and wife team Baukjen De Swaan Arons and Geoff van Sonsbeeck in London, the brand is built on the principles of sustainability, superior quality, and longevity. Isabella Oliver offers a variety of maternity clothes, ranging from casual wear to work attire and special occasion outfits.

The brand’s commitment to sustainable fashion sets it apart, with many items produced in Europe from environmentally friendly, high-quality fabrics. Isabella Oliver’s approach to maternity fashion involves creating timeless, durable pieces that can be worn, washed, and loved repeatedly. Their aim is to make pregnant women feel stylish, comfortable, and confident, and their commitment to these values has solidified their position in the maternity fashion industry.

Beyond Nine

Beyond Nine is a maternity and postpartum brand that stands out for its ethos of sustainability and durability. The UK-based brand, founded by Naomi Raybould, is focused on creating long-lasting, versatile pieces that can be worn beyond the nine months of pregnancy, hence the name ‘Beyond Nine.’ The brand’s collection includes jumpsuits, dresses, and separates designed to be comfortable and flexible, accommodating your body during and after pregnancy.

Beyond Nine emphasizes ethical production and sustainability, using natural materials like linen and organic cotton in their designs. Their clothes are made by a family-run business in Portugal, demonstrating a commitment to fair trade practices. By creating maternity wear that’s not just comfortable and stylish, but also sustainable and durable, Beyond Nine is promoting a more environmentally-conscious approach to maternity clothing. Their commitment to these principles has made them a favourite among eco-conscious expecting mothers.

Sezane Maternity

Sezane, a popular French brand known for its commitment to sustainable fashion, has also made its mark in the maternity wear sector. While not exclusively a maternity brand, Sezane offers a selection of clothing that is maternity-friendly, meaning they are designed to fit and flatter during pregnancy and beyond. Their collection includes versatile pieces such as flowing dresses, adjustable waist trousers, and loose-fitting blouses, all in line with Sezane’s signature chic, Parisian style.

Made from high-quality materials, these items not only offer comfort but also exude elegance and sophistication. In keeping with their sustainability efforts, Sezane emphasizes quality over quantity, encouraging customers to invest in timeless pieces that can be worn long after pregnancy. Though Sezane’s maternity range may not be as extensive as some other brands, their commitment to style, quality, and sustainability has earned them a place in the hearts of fashion-conscious expecting mothers.


Known for its wide variety of stylish and affordable clothing, ASOS Maternity extends this philosophy to cater to expectant mothers. The line offers a vast range of maternity wear, from casual and comfy loungewear to formal dresses, all designed with the growing bump in mind.

You will find plenty of trendy, seasonally updated collections that excel in affordability, style and variety. There’s a truly huge choice when it comes to maternity clothes.

Are you considering a maternity photoshoot?

I often get asked what the best time for a maternity photoshoot is. I generally recommend between 28-36 weeks as your belly is nice and round and you feel your most comfortable. However, there is no hard and fast rule and the answer depends on when you feel at your best.

What to wear for maternity photos

Most importantly you should feel comfortable and hopefully the maternity shops in London above will help you with this. Don’t fret too much about what to wear for maternity photos. I will be on hand to help you pick and decide on outfits. Let’s chat further if you are interested in maternity photos.

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