When is the Best Time for a Maternity Photoshoot?

Jun 9, 2023 | Maternity Photography

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are probably expecting to welcome a new little life into your family soon. You might be prepping the nursery, buying adorable little outfits and starting to think about packing your hospital bag.

You might also be considering to document this unique and transformative time through a maternity photoshoot to encapsulate the magic, anticipation, and beauty of impending motherhood. Being pregnant is an incredible chapter in your life that needs to be documented. The photos will not only celebrate the beautiful transformation your body is going through, but also become treasured memories to share with your little ones in the years to come. However, deciding the best time for a maternity photoshoot can be challenging due to changing body shapes, energy levels, and various other factors.

Are you feeling unsure when the best time is for a maternity photoshoot? I will explain the process and answer some commonly asked questions so you feel confident about when to have your own maternity photos taken.

What week of pregnancy is best for maternity photos?

The ideal time for a maternity photoshoot largely depends on you, but generally, the sweet spot is around the 28th to 36th week of pregnancy, which correspond to your 7th or 8th month or the start of your third trimester. At this stage, the baby bump is well defined, quite prominent and a beautiful shape, making it perfect for maternity photographs. It’s also the period when most women still feel comfortable and energised, which is important to ensure a pleasant and memorable maternity photoshoot experience.

One thing to remember is that every pregnancy is different. Some women may carry small and may not show significantly until later in their pregnancies, while others may have a noticeable bump earlier.

If you feel you’d like to capture this moment much sooner, then that’s completely fine too.

Is 37 weeks too late for maternity photos?

Likewise, if you simply haven’t got round to planning your maternity photoshoot and are keen to book at 37 weeks, then that’s fine too!

There’s no hard and fast rule that states you can’t have your maternity photoshoot during the 37th week or later. I have taken maternity photos of women who gave birth the week after, so the timing is definitely up to you. Just consider that the closer you get to your due date, the more uncomfortable you might potentially feel. Pregnancy can cause fatigue, swelling, and aches, which may affect your comfort and energy levels during a photoshoot.

When to book maternity photos if you are expecting twins or multiples

Expecting twins or multiples brings an extra layer of excitement, and of course, considerations for your maternity photoshoot. With multiple babies on board, your baby bump is likely to show earlier and be more prominent. Consequently, the best time for a photoshoot in this case could be a bit earlier, generally between the 24th and 30th weeks of pregnancy.

This earlier time frame not only allows you to capture your full bump before discomfort levels may increase, but also takes into account that multiples often arrive earlier than single pregnancies. Hence, having the shoot earlier ensures you don’t miss out on this precious opportunity. As with any pregnancy, comfort should be your guiding principle.

How far ahead should you book maternity photos?

Planning ahead is always a good idea when it comes to maternity photoshoots. I only work with a limited number of families per month to ensure a bespoke and memorable experience. I therefore recommend reaching out in your second trimester to ensure I have availability around your preferred date.

Booking early also gives us ample time to discuss your expectations, decide on if you would like to take photos in the comfort of your home or an outdoors location, plan your outfits, and schedule the session at a time that suits you best. It also ensures that even if there’s a need to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances, you’ll have enough flexibility to do so without stress.

What to wear for maternity photos?

Once you have decided to go ahead with your maternity photoshoot, we can take time to chat about what outfits might work best. There are plenty of amazing stores in London or online to shop for your maternity wardrobe. Have a look at this blog post and we will also discuss in our complimentary pre-shoot consultation what might work best for you.


In conclusion, the best time for a maternity photoshoot is a balance between when the baby bump is visibly prominent and when you are still comfortable and feeling great. I am always just a phone call or email away to chat what can work best for you.

Remember, a maternity photoshoot is about celebrating you and the incredible journey of creating new life. Ensure it’s a time that works best for you, and most importantly, enjoy the process. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate this special time in your life!

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